Selasa, 10 Maret 2009

Mencari Gambar dengan Portable PicaLoader 1.55

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Pengen mendownload gambar-gambar pada sebuah website? Anda bisa menggunakan software Portable PicaLoader 1.55. Dengan software ini anda dapat dengan mudah untuk mendownload banyak gambar sekaligus dari sebuah website. Berikut keterangannya:

PicaLoader - Award-winning Picture Downloader for find, view, download and manage millions of pictures from the web easily. It is a useful utility that helps you find, download and organize pictures you find on the web. Very popular with digital artists, designers, photographers, webmasters, journalists and other people who need to quickly and efficiently get pictures form the web in large volumes.
For example:
- Found a wonderful page with lots of great pictures, but don't want to click one by one by yourself to download pictures?
- Found a great pictures link site, but don't want to check out pictures from every link?
- Interested in pictures, but scared of viruses and pop-up advertisements?
- Downloaded many pictures, but always forgot where you put them?
- No more waiting, no more clicking, no more worrying, let PicaLoader complete everything!

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