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Membuat Ebook menggunakan software Portable eBook Edit Pro v3.31

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Pengen buat ebook sendiri? Anda bisa menggunakan software Portable eBook Edit Pro v3.31. Berikut keterangannya:

eBook Edit Pro is windows based software designed to help you easily create eBooks. eBook Edit Pro takes HTML pages and compiles them into a self-contained executable file.

What is eBook Edit Pro?
Simply put, eBook Edit Pro is software that takes HTML files and creates a single executable file that resembles a web-browser. Unlike HTML pages, your newly created eBook is secure when packed into this form. The software uses easy to navigate step-by-step tabs to guide you through the eBook generating process.

Why use HTML files instead of text, doc, pdf, etc?
HTML format provides you with the greatest amount of flexibility, interactivity and customization options. Using HTML to create your eBook allows you to interact with your readers by using tools like audio, video, javascript, flash and much more. By utilizing HTML you are also using the most current technology. As technology evolves, so will your eBook.

What kind of eBooks can I create?
Don't let the name "eBook" fool you. Virtually any type of digital product can be created. Here are some ideas to get you started:

* Novels
* Childrens Books
* Digital Catalogs
* User Manuals
* Tutorials
* How-to Guides
* Recipe eBook

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