Rabu, 10 Juni 2009

Sharp World Clock 4.43

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Sharp World Clock Features:
- Virtually unlimited number of clocks - digital, analogue, or both
- Fully customizable colors and skins
- Many pre-configured time formatters (or create your own, even in foreign languages), including Swatch beat
- World map with earth shadow, symbolic sun and up-to-date country borders
- Country flags of every country in the world, optionally on top of the clock faces
- Internal sunrise, sunset and moon phase calculation to the minute - with no internet connection required
- Unique "artifical sky" (shows the sun's position, the length of the day and whether it is day or night)
- Time zone converter / time zone calculator, time comparison table and dialing codes for planning phone conferences
- Integrated alarm clock with three separate alarms and optional sound signal - use any wav, mp3, wma or mid file
- Integrated calendar with notes and reminder
- Powerful RSS/Atom feed reader with search function for news junkies - more than 60 feeds are included
- Atomic clock (internet time / NIST) synchronization with several pre-configured time servers
- Realistic optional hourly / quarterly chime (church bell / grandfather's clock style)
- System tray (hidden) mode; click the tray icon to hide or show the program window with optional fading effect
- Export / Import function to save and transfer your settings
- Runs under Windows 98 / ME / 2000 / Server 2003 / XP / Vista with .Net framework 2.0

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